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Aerial Sport Tricks Online

Learn the coolest tricks with us!

What is this about?

Have you ever seen a nice aerial trick but you had no idea how to do it?
In our mission we would like to collect all of the coolest aerial tricks and teach you
how to handle it. We show you how to start and every single step
until you reach the final position. In our video tutorials we tell you
what are the secret movements that help you nail the tricks.

Aerial Packages

2021's TOP 21 Hoop Tricks



Before you scroll...

Do you wanna look into how these videos looks like?
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How the payment works and how to get these videos?

Visit our new website and you can buy this collection easily with PayPal.
If you don't have PayPal account please contact us on


Who we are?



Cintia Klaudia Finszter
Aerial Sports Trainer

Melánia Kisgyura
Pole and Aerial Sports Photographer

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